7 Fluid Management Problems solved with Banlaw Xpress

January 12, 2022

Find out how to solve the 7 most common Fluid Management Issues using the Banlaw Xpress Controller:  

Problem 1: Lack of real-time visibility over your valuable industrial fluids
Problem 2: Difficulty coordinating the fluid supply chain
Problem Solved:

Check out the video to see Banlaw Xpress in action:


In some cases, you can negotiate a lower price on the fluids you purchase because suppliers also get value from real-time visibility. Quality data enables predictable, automated and consistent supply partnerships.

Problem 3: Wasted / Inefficient Use of Resources
Problem 4: The hassle of getting accurate and reliable reports & reconciliation
Problem Solved:
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Get superior control of your High Value Liquid Assets.

Problem 5: Inefficient and error-prone data collection
Problem Solved:
Problem 6: Enterprise level price tags
7 Fluid Management Problems solved with Banlaw Xpress - banlaw xpress
The Xpress can be installed by a single electrician.
We hear you:
Problem 7: Downtime due to unreliable equipment
Problem Solved:
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