Drive-Away Prevention Solutions

Regain time and money by managing fuel and fluid contamination

regain time and money by managing fuel and fluid contamination

Drive-aways from fuel bays are unfortunately an all-too common occurrence, and can cause serious injury, spills, equipment damage and environmental impact. Not only that, it costs a small fortune to repair and creates unnecessary downtime. Is your site equipped to withstand this type of accident and save you thousands of dollars should damage occur? What can you do to make sure this doesn’t happen again on your site?

Drive-away prevention solutions


break away valvesBreak-away valves

A key component in managing a drive-away situation is the installation of break-away valves. It protects diesel dispensing (refuelling) system components from damage, and prevents spillage of fuel with a deliberate breaking point at certain stress levels.

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intelligent proximity switch 

Intelligent proximity switch 

An internal electronic proximity switch within the nozzle holster (fixed or on a service truck) can detect whether the refuelling nozzle is safely stored. This switch can then be used to initiate or control visual and audible alarms such as a traffic light to alert the driver that the nozzle is still connected to the vehicle. It’s such a small but valuable feature worth introducing to your fuel process.

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drive away protection solutionDrive-away protection solution

We all makes mistakes – it’s part of being human – but around the fuel bay we believe it’s critical to protect yourself, your peers and your business. Identify your key areas of concern in our site-survey test, and we’ll be in touch with a few suggestions on how you could better manage your fuel management processes.

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April 20, 2014