Season’s Greetings from Banlaw!

seasons greetings from banlaw specialists in fuelmanagement and fuel tax credit

We hope that you and the people you care for enjoy a fabulous holiday season and a prosperous 2023!

  • Banlaw operations and teams will pause for some well-deserved relaxation from Friday, December 23rd. They will be back in the office, factory, or on the road to support you once again on Tuesday, January 3rd.
  • Critical support services will of course, be available throughout the festive period.

2022 Capability & Technology Evolution

There is always a lot going on within Banlaw organisations as we listen to our customers and partners and seek to better serve current and emerging needs. Here are a few highlights from 2022 that we are particularly proud of.

FlowLogix – fixed and mobile fluid storage and built infrastructure solutions

Banlaw recently acquired precision metal engineering firm R&R Murphy. This purchase significantly extends our built infrastructure capabilities, and already the benefits of Banlaw + R&R Murphy expertise coming together are flowing through to our project customers around the world.

We again welcome R&R Murphy team members to the Banlaw family. We are extremely excited about leveraging our unique blend of skills to deliver long-lasting fluid management infrastructure that’s automated, digitised, and future-ready.

australian fueling systems by banlaw diesel storage tank manufacture and diesel tanks with fuel dispenser systems

ResTrack – measurement, access control, and data management technologies

Two long-awaited fluid management technologies from Banlaw have been released in 2022, and they are changing the game for a wide range of industrial and agricultural worksites:

  • Our Dry Break Wireless Swivel means that the industry-best Auto ID fuel security solution is now completely wireless! It enables 100% validation of every gallon or litre to the fuel-consuming asset. It’s also easier to install, maintain, and afford than wired solutions.
  • Our Xpress Field Controller dramatically reduces the complexity and cost of deploying best-practice fuel and lube management and reporting. It’s helping our clients accelerate productivity, reduce business risk and account for fuel and carbon emissions at the press of a button.
maximise fuel tax credit with fuel management solutions including fuel security and automatic tank gauging

We could go on, but instead, we encourage you to view our updated Product Catalogue or Capability Statement.

One of our company objectives is to have the scale and expertise to solve any fluid storage or transfer challenge. That objective is very quickly becoming a reality, and so we thank our team members in Salt Lake City, Perth, Mackay, and Newcastle. At the end of the day, it’s people working together that make amazing things happen.

the team that builds australian fueling systems fuel farms and bulk fuel installations

To our customers, distributors, friends of Banlaw, and our team: Thank you for your ongoing partnership and support. We value it.

Warm regards,

The Banlaw Team

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December 12, 2022