Bathurst 1000 with Lee Holdsworth – It’s Race Time!

Banlaw is delighted to support Lee Holdsworth this year at Mount Panorama. Here’s what you need to know.

Bathurst 1000 with Lee Holdsworth – It’s Race Time! »

Sunday night update – Congratulations Lee Holdsworth and Michael Caruso for a very respectable 7th place finish. Just 4 seconds behind winner Shane van Gisbergen.

Saturday night update – Great effort from Lee in the shootout, 6th place. Cameron Waters though 2.03.559 for 1st … wow. Looks like Tickford Racing is setup to do something special this year.

Friday night update – What a start Lee Holdsworth! Provisional pole. Fastest time of the day 

Bathurst 1000 with Lee Holdsworth – It’s Race Time! »

Who to watch

Keep your eye on Lee Holdsworth! Lee will be driving the number 5 Ford Mustang GT for Tickford Racing. He’s been driving supercars since 2006, he’s been on the podium before, and that’s where we hope to see him on Sunday afternoon after the big race.

Bathurst 1000 with Lee Holdsworth – It’s Race Time! »

Where to watch

The Bathurst 1000 is being televised uninterrupted by Foxtel and is also available Freeview on Channel 10 (inc. WIN). Foxtel will have 36 hours of uninterrupted coverage from Thursday to Sunday. Channel 10 will broadcast from Friday to Sunday.

When to watch

Thursday 15th October 2020

  • 9:30-10:30 – Practice 1 – 60 mins
  • 12:45-13:45 – Practice 2 (co-drivers) – 60 mins
  • 16:00-17:00 – Practice 3 – 60 mins

Friday 16th October 2020

  • 9:45-10:45 – Practice 4 (co-drivers) – 60 mins
  • 12:10-13:10 – Practice 5 – 60 mins
  • 16:05-16:45 – Qualifying – 40 mins

Saturday 17th October 2020

  • 9:10-10:10 – Practice 6 (co-drivers) – 60 mins
  • 11:35-12:35 – Practice 7 – 60 mins
  • 17:05-17:50 – Top 10 Shootout – 45 mins

Sunday 18th October 2020

  • 08:40-09:00 – Warm Up – 20 mins
  • 11:30-17:45 – Race 31 – 161 laps / 1000 km

Here is a quick sponsorship update from Lee

About the car

Car Number 5 is a 2020 Ford Mustang GT. You can go out and buy yourself one if you like… but not quite like this one.

Supercar specifications are based on road-going vehicles and use many control components to ensure enough parity between cars, that it really comes down to the driving on the day.

The Body: In the racing world, it is common to build the body of a car based on space-frame construction, in which a series of struts are laid out in a geometric pattern based on triangular shapes. This keeps the bodies of the cars rigid but light. Space-frame construction is not typically used in production models, and is therefore not allowed in V8 Supercars. These cars are based on standard Commodore and Falcon bodyshells.

Engine: V8 Supercars must have a front engine with rear-wheel drive. It should be a Ford or Chevy 5-litre engine capable of producing between 620 and 660 horsepower and with a compression ratio of 10 to 1.

Aerodynamics: The aerodynamics packages used on V8 Supercars must all be similar, using the same types of spoilers, air dam on the front, and side skirts.

Brakes: Brakes are steel brakes as opposed to carbon brakes.

Suspension: The front suspension uses a double-wishbone design while the rear has solid axle suspension.

Tyres: Driving teams are allowed a specific number of tyres for each race, with one set allowed to be of a softer construction than the Dunlop control tyre used as a standard for all the vehicles.

Price: So how much can the V8 Supercar teams spend on their vehicles? Exact figures are not available but are estimated at around $600,000 per car, with $130,000 going to the engine. V8 Supercar teams use two vehicles, and keeping these cars in running order for an entire championship season can cost as much as $10 million. So while V8 Supercar racing may be more affordable than some other forms of racing… it’s still pricey.

Fuel Stops: During the race, the number 5 Mustang will make a minimum of 7 filling stops. That’s 24-25 laps per 112-litre tank of fuel. Tyres are changed and fuelling is performed at the same time, taking around 20 seconds all-in. Since everybody else is still racing whilst you are filling up… we’re hoping to see Fast Fills and No Spills for Lee Holdsworth!

Bathurst 1000 with Lee Holdsworth – It’s Race Time! »
Bathurst 1000 with Lee Holdsworth – It’s Race Time! »

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