Gold Mine Refuelling Systems

May 9, 2023

Australia has a longstanding history of mining and is ranked third in the world for producing gold. There are roughly 66 open-cut and underground gold mines currently in operation with the majority located in Western Australia.

With just over 300 tonnes of gold mined annually and an estimated 9500 tonnes of gold still underground, the mining industry is a major contributor to the country’s economic growth.

Many gold mines in Australia are on the lookout for innovative solutions for managing operations and are turning to Banlaw for our refuelling systems that offer cutting-edge technology and streamline refuelling processes.

Benefits of Fuel Management Systems for Australian Gold Mines

Gold Mine Refuelling Systems

Using Banlaw’s advanced refuelling systems, businesses in the gold mining industry can combine a range of hardware and software to track fuel usage and monitor refuelling operations in real-time. This helps them reduce downtime and increase productivity while ensuring compliance with best-practice fuel uses.

Furthermore, our gold mine Fuel Management Systems can also be used to detect potential fuel theft or misuse. Banlaw’s fuel management equipment enables businesses to save money while increasing safety and operational efficiency by giving you the information you need to control your fuel consumption and reduce costs.

By using technologically advanced refuelling equipment with integrated RFID chips, gold mines can make sure that they are getting maximum value out of their fuel consumption by ensuring efficiency at all times.

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