Fuel Tax Credits

In Australia, the mining sector is currently able to claim a 38 cents per litre of government fuel tax credit rebate for fuel consumed by heavy mining vehicles on their private roads.

With our Fuel Management Systems you can reconcile and prove the allocation of onsite fuel usage by vehicle class (i.e. heavy vehicle vs light vehicle) to claim the maximum fuel tax credits you are entitled to. In the event of an audit, you will be able to provide an accurate account of your claimed consumption with no risk of a back charge.

Our meter calibration services can ensure that your data is reliable; and our technicians are trained to inspect and deliver certification on your metering equipment. This enables you to claim your fuel tax credit rebate with confidence.

With a Banlaw automated fuel management system, all fuel moves from inwards metering through to consumption can be automatically logged, and presented in segment-by-segment reconciliation reporting.

February 16, 2015