Fuel Management Systems Wagga Wagga

Wagga Wagga sits on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River in the heart of the Riverina in country New South Wales. ‘Wagga’ is “derived from the local Wiradjuri Aboriginal language on whose land the City of Wagga Wagga now grows”. The word means crow, so to create the plural for “place of many crows” it is repeated. As a town sitting on the transport lane of the Hume Highway, industries in Wagga Wagga are aware that so fuel management system needs to be at the forefront of operations.

For a Seamless integration of discrete components, only use the fest fuel management system in Wagga Wagga

Banlaw’s Fuel Management System is state-of-the-art and delivers the best end-to-end high-value fluid asset and fuel management system available in Europe. Our fuel management system consists of hardware, software, and controllers that utilise SecureFill machine identification technologies, and Banlaw ResTrack™ Resource Management Software for fuel inventory management. Do you want your company to achieve fluid reconciliation rates more than 99.5%, like it is normal for our fuel management customers to experience? Banlaw’s Fuel Management System is designed to help your business improve:

  • The security of your fluid assets, to help prevent fuel theft or the wastage of expensive fluid assets
  • The ISO cleanliness of your fluid assets – ensuring your fuel supply remains safe, fresh, and contaminant-free.
  • The accuracy of the data and actionable intelligence available regarding your fuel and other fluid assets, and your vehicles, plant, and machinery.
  • The level of compliance and personal accountability taken for the use, storage, and movement of your business’s fuel or service fluids.
  • Productivity across the entire company – from the boardroom to the miners.

Hardware that is leading the way in Wagga Wagga

Hardware that is leading the way in Wagga Wagga

Banlaw provide a wide range of Auto ID refuelling hardware with integrated radio frequency identification systems as part of our Fuel Management Systems available in Wagga Wagga. As the world’s only Original Equipment Manufacturer of Auto ID technology integrated into the Dry Break refuelling hardware, Banlaw’s Fuel Management System can identify employees and machines and automatically authorise appropriate access to industrial fluids, which enables safety improvements, reduced the risk of theft of fuel, improves efficiency and provides unrivalled levels of liquid asset security.

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As the largest inland city in New South, Wagga Wagga is set to increase freight capacity and economic growth for the region after the opening of the Riverina Intermodal Freight and Logistics Hub. Companies in Wagga Wagga know that managing their fuel is essential to continual growth. For more information on our fluid intelligence and fluid management systems, check out our Product Catalogue and Product Brochures.  To contact Banlaw’s Australian and International Head Office, located in Gateshead, NSW, Australia, call us on 1300 226 529 (1300 BANLAW) or 02 4922 6300. Alternatively, send us an email or click here to complete our online Contact Form, and a Banlaw representative will contact you shortly.