Putting Heavy Metal to the Test

5 reasons to choose 'Heavy Metal' over 'Soft' Fluid Transfer Components

With various refuelling and fluid transfer offerings on the market, ranging from plastic, to aluminium, to solid zinc-plated steel, it can be mighty confusing to work out which products to choose.


Which options represent the best value for money, optimum performance, or longest serviceable life?

Metal Where It Matters

At Banlaw, we are firm believers in using Heavy Metal for parts that receive the harshest treatment during daily use on industrial worksites. But don’t just take our word for it; check out these 5 compelling reasons to opt for Heavy Metal over softer materials when choosing your refuelling and fluid transfer gear:

Putting Heavy Metal to the Test »
A Banlaw receiver was recently put to the ultimate test during a tragic incident, when a 76 tonne XPT train became derailed. The train rolled onto its side and dragged the receiver through railway ballast and gravel. As you can see, the receiver looks a little worse for wear, but held up brilliantly considering the brutal treatment it received.
1) Prevent dents, warping and burring

Always check that the parts most likely to get a beating, that are vital to a safe and effective coupling are made from steel. We prefer K1045 and 4140, zinc-plated, tensile steel. Banlaw products are always metal where it matters.

2) Get more reliable and efficient coupling and Prevent Nozzle ‘Fly-Off’
Putting Heavy Metal to the Test »
(A&D) Warped aluminium receiver, no longer fluid-tight and leaking diesel (B) A worn aluminium receiver, a significant Nozzle Fly-Off risk (C) Banlaw Stainless Steel Receiver after years of use on a heavy industrial worksite. Still delivering cleaner, faster, safer fluid transfer (until we cut it in half)
3) Maximise Product Lifespan
Putting Heavy Metal to the Test »
A Banlaw Quick Fill Refuelling Nozzle before refurbishment.
Putting Heavy Metal to the Test »
Quick Fill Refuelling Nozzle after refurbishment. Ensuring superior total cost of ownership as well as ongoing safe, reliable operation.
4) Boost your productivity
5) Non-negotiable for worksites requiring FRAS rated equipment
Putting Heavy Metal to the Test »
Banlaw's AUS45 Underground Refuelling Nozzle is FRAS rated.
Putting Heavy Metal to the Test »
The Banlaw Underground Mining Nozzle prevents water mud and dust from entering fuel tanks, offers improved dispensing rates, and is manufactured without aluminium, to prevent the ignition of flammable gases
If you want optimum reliability, value for money and longevity, then invest in heavy metal where it matters.
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