Jack Muir wins Outstanding Achiever for 2nd Year Apprentices at the HunterNet Chairman’s Awards

Jack Muir and Brent Lewis assembling Banlaw fluid management solution panels for a fuel farm installation.

Congratulations to Jack Muir (left), who won the Outstanding Achiever Award for 2nd Year Apprentices at the HunterNet Chairman’s Awards! It’s great to see excellent work get recognised, especially when it’s one of our own.

Banlaw needs to have the best talent to succeed in our objective of helping our industrial clients reduce greenhouse emissions and environmental risks within their operations. Being a great place to work, where you can build your skills across varied technologies, is an important part of that.

Jack was nominated by his supervisor Brent Lewis (right). Jack and Brent are part of the multidisciplinary team that assemble and test Banlaw’s fluid management solutions. The panels they are working on in this image could end up being installed at a fuel farm anywhere in the world.

March 18, 2022