Fuel Theft – It’s Easy

We all know how expensive fuel can be. It’s one of the largest expenses for any business in mining, rail, fleet and port operations. With the quantities that your industry stores fuel, would anyone notice if a few hundred litres went missing? Probably not. But collectively it can be a very costly area to overlook.


No news is good news

A major concern for many sites is that external contractors share and value the same safety policies. We are proud of our record and it is this “safety first” culture that allow our customers complete peace of mind during system installs.

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Remote monitoring, multiple Sites

Travelling from site to site, or relying on others to check and report on tank levels can be unreliable and costly in time and resources. Monitoring multiple tanks at different sites from single location makes sense, is easy to implement and will save money.

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43 Distributors worldwide & growing

Banlaw now has 43 trusted distributors spanning across 9 countries. So wherever you are in the world, we’re not too far away.

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March 20, 2014