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Orange is celebrated as one of NSW’s best fruit-growing districts, due to its rich soils and cool climate. It comes alive with autumnal colours because of its large number of European trees lining the main streets.

As the largest urban area in Central West NSW, businesses are drawn to Orange for its agricultural opportunities. The area now has over 60 vineyards that are open to the public to enjoy some of the region’s best produce and learn about the wine-making process. Orange also has an abundance of natural resources and is home to Cadia Gold Mine, which is the second-largest open-cut mine in Australia. The gold and copper mine is located around 20kms south of Orange and is a major employer for residents.

Streamline the Refueling Process and Eliminate Errors with an Australian Fuel Management System in Orange

Streamline the Refueling Process and Eliminate Errors with an Australian Fuel Management System in Orange

Many companies in the area are dependent on the use of vehicles and machinery for daily operations. They are turning to Banlaw for fuel management systems in Orange, in order to economize on expenses.

We specialise in high-value liquid assets. Our Australian fuel management systems are designed to streamline the refueling process and eliminate human errors such as contamination and misuse. With our state-of-the-art equipment and high-tech software, you can monitor fuel stock, automate reporting, detect fuel theft and optimize fuel consumption. With Banlaw’s Fuel Management Systems in Orange, you can ensure that you never experience:

  • Fuel surpluses or outages
  • Incorrect reports
  • Excess time managing fuel inventory
  • Misuse or theft of fuel stock
  • Health and safety risks

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Orange’s established infrastructure has provided many commercial opportunities to local and international companies, which support a population of well over 100,000 through industrial, commercial and service activities. No matter what industry you are in, we are here to help. You can contact a Banlaw representative by calling 1300 226 529 or +61 8 9209 1514, sending an email to sales@banlaw.com or filling in our online contact form, and a friendly member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.