Flow Meter Calibrations


You can’t manage, what you can’t accurately meter

Do you want to improve the accuracy of your dispensing metering to ensure you can claim your full entitlement of Fuel Tax Credits? Can you identify potential faults within your metering systems before they fail? Find out more about flow meter calibrations and how this simple process can immediately save you fuel and money, by giving you confidence that you’re receiving the fuel delivery volumes you’re paying for and allow for precise identification of fuel loss.

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Benefits of routine meter inspections and calibrations


Cost savings

Improving flow meter accuracy improves the value of your Fuel Management data and all of the opportunities it supports. It allows for early identification of faults within the metering system before failure, enabling preventative maintenance. Not only this, but an accurate flow meter allows you to confirm that you are getting what you paid for and any fuel “loss” can be correctly identified.

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Added value

Our experienced Service team will visually inspect the general condition of the metering system and its components for no additional charge. Any observed defects, abnormalities and concerns will be reported. Our team can also provide verification that each component within a fuel metering system is capable and rated for the process conditions and application in which the system is used.

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Fuel management systems and tax credits

Banlaw FuelTrackTM provides a very convenient, accurate, cost effective and practical means by which to prepare supporting data for a Tax Credit claim and with the rates for credits regularly changing, maintaining accurate, auditable, time stamped records of how you consumed your fuel is now more important than ever.

How can FuelTrackTM help you?

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November 20, 2013