Bulk Fuel for Large Mining Equipment Fleets

March 6, 2024

Mining operations rely heavily on fuel to power their equipment and vehicles, making efficient fuel management critical for productivity and cost savings. Banlaw offers comprehensive fuel management solutions tailored to the unique needs of mining companies, helping them achieve safe, accurate, and efficient refuelling processes while maximising tax credits and reducing operational costs.

Fuel is typically the second largest expense on a mine site, making effective fuel management essential for optimising operations. With Banlaw’s integrated hydrocarbon management systems, products, and expert advice, mining companies can streamline their fuel handling processes, reduce fuel loss and contamination, and ensure faster, safer refuelling operations

Banlaw's Solutions for Mining Sites

  • Refuelling Equipment – Banlaw offers high-speed refuelling equipment capable of delivering up to 1000 L/min, reducing refuelling time by up to 75% and improving operational efficiency.
  • Fuel Management Systems – Banlaw’s fuel management systems provide fast, accurate data to enable informed fuel decisions, automatic reordering, maintenance scheduling, and compliance reporting.
  • Fluid Transfer and Evacuation Solutions – Banlaw provides solutions for transferring and evacuating fluids safely and efficiently, minimising spills and contamination risks.
  • Overfill Protection Systems – Banlaw’s overfill protection systems prevent tank overfills, reducing the risk of spills, leaks, and equipment damage.
  • Environmental Protection Solutions – Banlaw offers environmental protection solutions to help mining companies minimise their environmental impact and comply with regulations.
  • Service and Maintenance – Banlaw provides comprehensive service and maintenance support to ensure the reliable operation of fuel management systems and equipment.
  • Site Assessments and Gap Analysis – Banlaw conducts site assessments and gap analysis to identify areas for improvement and optimise fuel management processes.
Fuel security at the fuel farm level is most effectively enabled with an automatic tank gauging system. A fuel management system that delivers remote tank level monitoring in real time unlocks immediate fuel tank security. Fuel reconciliation reporting will identify variations between what you purchase and what ends up in your bulk fuel installation.

Banlaw's Unified Fuel Management Approach

Banlaw adopts a Unified Fuel Management approach, focusing on safety, efficiency, and accuracy throughout the fuel management lifecycle from procurement to consumption. By implementing Banlaw’s solutions, mining companies can save time and money while enhancing operational efficiency and compliance.

Key Benefits of Banlaw Products

  • High-speed refuelling capabilities reduce refuelling time and increase equipment uptime.
  • Dry break connections minimise spills and contamination risks, ensuring cleaner engines and reducing maintenance costs.
  • Tank overfill prevention systems enhance safety and prevent fuel wastage.
  • Security features such as check valve receivers and automatic vehicle authorisation improve accountability and prevent fuel theft.
  • Fuel management systems provide fast, accurate data for informed decision-making and compliance reporting.
  • Banlaw ResTrack™ offers precise monitoring, reconciliation, and centralised reporting of fuel usage, enabling cost analysis, maintenance scheduling, and compliant measurement for fuel tax credits and carbon trading schemes.

Banlaw ResTrack™: Maximising Efficiency and Compliance

Banlaw ResTrack™ is a powerful fuel management system designed to help mining companies save money by providing precise monitoring, reconciliation, and reporting of fuel usage. Accredited by the Australian Government’s National Measurement Institute (NMI), ResTrack™ ensures legislative compliance and enables efficient charging of third parties using refuelling facilities.

Fuel Stock Rotation

In a multi-tank environment, the absence of fuel stock rotation often results in fuel or other hydrocarbons being predominantly drawn from or dispensed into tanks closest to the pumps. Meanwhile, tanks farther away from the pumps remain unused for extended periods, leading to fuel stagnation and potential microbial contamination. This scenario poses risks to engine performance and overall equipment efficiency, ultimately impacting operational costs and maintenance requirements.

Banlaw addresses this challenge with an automated stock rotation solution employing a ‘First in, First Out’ (FIFO) methodology. By simply pressing a button, the system intelligently selects the appropriate storage tank, optimising fuel usage while saving valuable resources such as time and labour. This solution seamlessly integrates into existing fuel farm control systems or can be implemented as a standalone system. Moreover, it offers flexibility by allowing customisation to accommodate alternative stock rotation methodologies as needed.

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Banlaw’s unified fuel management solutions offer mining companies the tools they need to optimise their fuel handling processes, maximise tax credits, and achieve operational excellence. With Banlaw’s expertise and innovative products, mining operations can streamline their fuel management operations and focus on driving productivity and profitability.

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