A small number of Banlaw FuelTrackTM Nozzles have been identified for recall. The automated serial number checker below (Step 1) will identify if any of your products are affected.

Step 1

Please enter each of the four-digit serial numbers which are stamped on your Banlaw FuelTrackTM Nozzle/s, into the checker below.

Step 2

If any of your products are flagged for recall, please complete the form below. Only one form is required.

Please Enter:

  • Each serial number identified using the serial number checker, into the ‘Serial Numbers’ field.
  • All other requested information so we can expedite the recall on your product.

A member of our support team will contact you to facilitate the return and replacement arrangements.

FuelTrack Nozzle Recall Form

Banlaw apologise for any inconvenience caused and we thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding during this process.