Detox your Fluid and Fuel

Regain time and money by managing fuel and fluid contamination

a man holding a fuel contamination in the bottle

Is fuel one of the largest costs and a major component for your business? Here are five reasons why you need to be concerned about better managing fuel contamination.

1. Mines, ports and railways have lots of contamination risks.

2. Heavy vehicle diesel engines are increasingly sophisticated and sensitive to dirty fuel – partly driven by tighter emission controls.

3. Fuel contamination reduces the operating efficiency of your expensive equipment, increasing fuel consumption.

4. Dirty or “wet” fuel seriously undermines the performance and longevity of critical engine and fuel system components, leading to unplanned breakdowns and costly downtime.

5. Requirements for fuel quality and contamination control have changed considerably. Many businesses are throwing money away at old contamination control practices and equipment – see the Worldwide Fuel Charter’s 5th edition here.

Did you know? Contaminated fluids can account for 60-70% of unscheduled break-downs.

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Tip: ultra fine filtered vent solves common problem

Are you wasting time and dollars to ensure your fuel arrives and is stored contaminant free only to have it contaminated in your vehicles and plant equipment? Banlaw’s cost effective; BFV225 series “Ultra-Fine Filtered Vents” filter air entering the fuel tank down to 3 microns (3µm abs.). That meets increasingly stringent OEM specifications for tank breathers without compromising flow rates. The vent is unique in that it is an integrated assembly, rather than a series of “add on” components. Additional features keep the air filter dry for superior protection against contamination for an entire equipment service interval.

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case study: mtu recommends banlaw after trial

Case study: MTU recommends Banlaw after trial

MTU, a leading diesel plant equipment OEM, now recommends its customers use Banlaw’s ultra-fine filtered vents on all its vehicle’s fuel tank breathers for mining environments. MTU trialled the “first generation” BFV225 vents onboard haul trucks at one of Indonesia’s largest mines to resolve problems with excessive downtime from premature fuel system component wear on vehicles. The result? Improved performance and less fuel system component failures on units equipped with the filtered vent! The results were verified at MTU’s HQ in Germany. Read the case study

flush face

Did you know? Flush face fluid couplings reduce fluid contamination

Banlaw’s “Flush Face” fluid couplings virtually eliminate the risk of fluid cross-contamination, and reducing the opportunity for dirt ingress. The operator can wipe the face of each coupling clean before connection. No exposed recesses means that only clean oil, grease or other fluid is transferred into the machine.

Find out more about the contamination control and other benefits of Banlaw LubeCentral™ and flush face couplings here.

October 20, 2014