Innovation unlocks unique business opportunities in unprecedented times

  • Post published:September 28, 2020

During times of disruption, innovation is the key to transforming business challenges into unique opportunities. Innovation has always been intrinsic to our values, and it is the key to adapting in uncertain times. At our Innovation Hub, we work on creating what we call ‘Liquid Asset Intelligence’. It is about bringing together the right team of specialists, at the forefront of their fields of expertise, that can work together on complex hydrocarbon management challenges and create innovative solutions. Our cross-functional teams combine software, hardware, and infrastructure capabilities to bring an integrated approach. This means improved business outcomes for you.

At the heart of innovation at Banlaw is a deep understanding of our customers. We listen to your challenges and adapt our solutions to meet those needs. Our field technicians, as well as talented distributors, provide ongoing support throughout the Asset Life Cycle, gaining valuable insights. This helps us continue to tailor our support to your evolving requirements.

Here are just some of the problems we have helped our customers overcome:  

We are living in unprecedented times, and for many of our clients innovation is now a business imperative. Banlaw team members are being called upon to help reduce fuel spend, reduce effort and re-work, streamline and automate processes, or enable remote real-time visibility. Here are two Banlaw offerings that provide the opportunity to do just that.

ResTrack RMS Liquid Resource Management Software

  • Eliminate manual collection and analysis of fluid utilisation data
  • Control fuel security and provide access to authorised users and machines
  • Automate reporting to assist planning/scheduling and cost management
  • Enable real-time visibility of fluid stores with Automated Tank Gauging (ATG / TLM)

Learn about our ResTrack Software

FillSafe Zero Mechanical Tank Overfill Protection Hardware

  • Fill diesel tanks to the optimum ullage safely, reliably, and automatically
  • Protect tanks/vehicles/people/environment by ensuring zero tank pressure during refuelling
  • Unlock industry-best fuelling efficiency, with flow rates up to 1000lpm/264gpm
  • Automate security and data collection with integrated equipment Auto-ID

Learn about our FillSafe Zero products

Visit our downloads page to view case studies that outline other examples of how business challenges have been turned into opportunities.

Now, more than ever, implementing systems to streamline operations, improve safety and reduce costs is critical to long-term business success. We have plenty more innovative products in the pipeline, so watch this space for future announcements. Contact Banlaw to see how your worksite can benefit from our tailored Liquid Asset Management Solutions.

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