Contamination: How Banlaw Can Help You

Modern engines and plant equipment are designed to offer increased efficiency, reduced emissions and longer service intervals. As a result, they are also more sensitive to fuel and oil contaminants. In particular, higher operating pressures within fuel systems to achieve a more complete combustion process leads to closer tolerances between moving parts, causing even smaller particles to have an effect on the clearances between these components. Modern ULSDs and biodiesels also pose an increased risk of microbial contamination, which left undetected, can seriously degrade the quality of the fuel and introduce other problems including reduced fuel filter life and accelerated corrosion of tanks, pipes and other metal system components.

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Banlaw can help you save time and money on your mine site with safe, accurate and efficient refuelling and refilling. Banlaw provides integrated hydrocarbon management systems, products and expert advice to help mining companies to improve their productivity by reducing fuel loss reducing fuel contamination, as well as ensuring faster, safer refuelling. Fuel is typically the second largest expense on a mine site so you’ll quickly start to see the benefits from maximum tax credits, increased efficiency and reduced maintenance and downtime.

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Banlaw provides high performing, innovative equipment and fuel management solutions. We help rail companies improve their productivity by reducing fuel loss, reducing fuel contamination and delivering more efficient and safer refuelling. Our heritage is in fuel management but our expertise has extended to hydrocarbons in general and management of other liquids: we can provide you with software, hardware and services to optimise the storage, safe handling and use of fuels, oils, coolants, grease and more.

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Unified Fuel Management

Unified Fuel Management is our unique approach to synergised hydrocarbon and liquid resource management. It delivers productivity, efficiency, and cost reductions like nothing else. Unified Fuel Management optimises all aspects of refuelling, fuel management, fluid transfer, overfill protection as well as machine and facility services. UFM multiplies your productivity gains because each element magnifies the effects of the others.

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Safety Update from Banlaw

Banlaw has spent three decades refining the functionality of the refuelling area. We understand the particular challenges you face with scale, speed and harsh environments. We also know how important it is to keep your staff and equipment safe whilst achieving optimum productivity. An example of fuel spills on a mine site causing safety hazards. Afterwards, with Banlaw equipment installed, the leak has been stopped and safety standards have been further improved with a Banlaw dry break nozzle.

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Why Banlaw

Our global client list is a reflection of our effective, lasting products and our commitment to great customer service. We are the pioneers of Unified Fuel Management: we provide a fully integrated approach from fuel management hardware and software through to asset management, project consulting and training. Unified Fuel Management delivers productivity, reconciliation and cost reductions like no competing solution.

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