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Here at Banlaw we believe in creating the fastest, cleanest and safest diesel refuelling nozzles and equipment. We’ve been at it for 40 years, and our high speed refuelling hardware range now includes nozzles, receivers, vents, diesel loading arms, holsters, swivels, break-away valves and more. Each component has been engineered with an optimised fluid path, along with contamination-prevention features.
Banlaw is delighted to announce that caps will now be delivered as standard with all refuelling nozzles and receivers. Banlaw’s Flush-Face range of receivers will also be supplied with aluminium caps as standard. Optional nozzle caps are available upon request. Banlaw is committed to reducing contamination. In our October 2014 Newsletter we discussed that fuel and fluid contamination accounts for between 60% and 70% of break-downs. Again in June 2015 we showed the amount of contaminants which often accumulate inside critical machines. Controlling fluid cleanliness with filtered vents, dry-break couplings and heavy duty caps has been shown to dramatically reduce dirt ingress.
Have you recently been experiencing issues with refuelling, increasing costs, compromises to your fuel security, concerns with environmental performance or contamination? We hope not… but if you are, we’re reaching out to remind you that we are here to help reduce your risk, and endeavour to provide relevant information that will help you achieve improvements across your site.