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We are committed to providing excellent service to our customers at every level. We offer support via our helpdesk and website.

Banlaw Helpdesk

Banlaw Helpdesk is part of our service management solutions. It provides timely, enthusiastic and professional help.

With our extensive industry experience we can offer best practice support, including customised Service Level Agreements (SLA’s) and Service Level Targets (SLT’s) geared explicitly to your site/ industry.

With remote access to the fuel storage and dispensing depots, Banlaw support staff are able to diagnose and rectify your problem remotely and, if need be, walk you through the solution.

Online Help Desk / Email

Email requests to the Helpdesk email address (support@banlawsupport.zendesk.com) will be addressed on receipt or by the start of the next help desk day. If your issue is critical, please phone us.

Telephone Support

Clients can call in normal business hours for any issues with a lower priority and at any time, 24-7 for emergency issues. An operator will log and resolve your call and/or escalate your issue to a support technician.

From Australia: 02 4922 6333

US Call: 775 340 6414

From Overseas: +61 2 4922 6333

Customer Support Website

The Banlaw Customer Support Website includes FAQ’s, troubleshooting guides, reference and training materials and system manuals for registered users. We are constantly adding more information to this site to make it easier for you to find what you are looking for.

Customer Support Website

Pro-Active Identification of Issues

Banlaw Support prides itself in carrying out pre-emptive, proactive FMS analysis to identify issues and potential problems. These checks can be included in your service level agreements and will be set at a frequency to suit your requirements.

A traffic light report and summary is emailed to a distribution list of your key personnel, which shows any alarms or problems in the system, together with the checks and steps to take to remedy any issue.

Helpdesk report

Helpdesk reports

Banlaw Helpdesk also produces periodic reports for each site detailing the status of all reported Helpdesk calls and issues.

Banlaw Helpdesk follows the best aspects of ITIL.

Contact Banlaw

Phone  +61 2 4922 6300

Email  sales@banlaw.com


19 Metro Court
Gateshead NSW 2290 Australia

Phone  +1 385 259 0456

Email  americasales@banlaw.com


537 West 600 South #800
Salt Lake City
Utah 84101 USA

Phone  +61 2 4922 6300

Email  sales@banlaw.com


19 Metro Court
Gateshead NSW 2290 Australia

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