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When refuelling faster than Formula One is not enough – The world’s toughest and safest Dry Break Couplers

Newsletter July 2017 – Banlaw Nozzles

Here at Banlaw we believe in creating the fastest, cleanest and safest diesel refuelling nozzles and equipment.

We’ve been at it for 40 years, and our high speed refuelling hardware range now includes nozzles, receivers, vents, diesel loading arms, holsters, swivels, break-away valves and more. Each component has been engineered with an optimised fluid path, along with contamination-prevention features.


Banlaw Dry Break Couplers for Diesel Refuelling

(The iconic Banlaw Refuelling Nozzle (also known as a Dry Break Coupler) helps reduce vehicle downtime and overall refuelling times)


Fuel is the number one consumable expense for most heavy industrial operations and fleets. Inefficient refuelling wastes significant time and money.

When refuelling was introduced to Formula One in 1984, the pit lane went from being somewhere to stop with a problem, to the place where competitive advantage was achieved. On this highly visible stage, races were won with a combination of high speed refuelling hardware, a well-trained team, and optimised processes. Refuelling critical machines quickly makes a significant difference to productivity. Vehicle queues can be reduced or eliminated, and expensive assets spend a higher percentage of each day on the job, every day of the year.


Banlaw mine site refuelling means you're refuelling faster than formula one

(Banlaw Refuelling Nozzles support flow rates of 1,000 litres per minute. That’s faster than comparable competitor hardware, and even faster than race teams around the world)



Banlaw’s Dry Break Nozzles are the world’s toughest and safest.


Banlaw takes pride in how well our Dry Break Couplers perform in some of the harshest working conditions around the world. You can depend on Banlaw products to do the job.


Banlaw nozzles have a proven safety record, as our dependable ball locking mechanism ensures the nozzle cannot ‘fly off’, risking the safety of refuelling operators. Banlaw nozzles are designed with the operator of the field task in mind. Our products are easy to carry and manoeuvre, yet robust and reliable.


The Banlaw Dry Break Couplers are part of an automatic shut-off system that reduces the risk of fuel spills during the diesel refuelling process, removing the risk of fuel-related slips and fire hazards. Fitting diesel loading arms, nozzle holsters and nozzle anchors also eliminate trip hazards from ground-stored hoses.


With a 2″ bore, Banlaw nozzles have a high flow rate capability of up to 1000lpm (264gpm), this helps reduce refuelling times. The choice of 5 shut-off pressure-settings also allows for flexible solutions to the most complex on-site refuelling problems.


The Banlaw Dry Break Nozzle is repairable, not disposable. They are robust and last considerably longer in the field. Supported by accredited repairers around the globe, Banlaw nozzles cost less in the long run.


See Banlaw at AIMEX 2017

(Banlaw Refuelling products, as well as our latest innovations in Overfill Protection, Fluid Transfer, and Fuel Management Systems will be on display at AIMEX in Sydney from 29th to 31st of August. We invite you to join us at Stand #4730, and talk to an expert)


Jack Perkins from the Holden Racing Team enjoys a Banlaw factory tour

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(The Banlaw factory was recently visited by Jack Perkins from Australia’s Holden Racing Team. View this video to see where Banlaw High Speed Refuelling products are made, and to get some insight into the processes behind producing products that can be trusted to do the job)


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