Prevent fires on mine sites! Take ownership of maintenance

Due to a series of recent fires on mine sites, we’ve decided to focus this article specifically on the fire risk associated with using fuels and oils in an industrial setting. Banlaw team members spend well over 100,000 hours a year designing, building and maintaining dry break fuel systems, processes, and infrastructure. Our service teams spend the majority of their hours on site, auditing fleets and facilities, training operators, delivering preventative maintenance, or analysing the data that’s been captured on mine sites to find improvements. We’ve seen pretty much every conceivable way that a fire can be caused in a fuel facility or on mobile plant. Below is what we’ve learned about avoiding fires over the last 37 years.

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Site Maintenance

Your refuelling and fluid management systems need to be properly maintained to ensure you gain the maximum benefit from our solutions. Regular inspections are also a legislative requirement in some countries. Let our expert team make scheduled maintenance cost effective and efficient. We can also provide complete site audits on actual fuel usage and workplace practices in relation to fuels and fluid handling. We offer routine inspections, maintenance, meter calibrations, and reporting on the condition of facilities, equipment, and machines.

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How to minimise total cost of ownership – Maintenance and more

Here at Banlaw, we’re all about helping companies improve their productivity by reducing fluid loss, reducing fluid contamination, and delivering more efficient and safer resource management processes. With Banlaw products sold in 33 countries, we need a system for supporting customers that includes local knowledge, local language, and is flexible to a range of Maintenance Management Systems. It is critical to us that users of Banlaw hardware have access to the right product, knowledge, and skills to keep their equipment up and running.

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Predictive and Preventative Maintenance

The following is an excerpt from the Austmine webinar ‘Predictive Maintenance and Life of Asset’, which was aired to Australian Mining, Equipment, Technology, and Services organisations (METS) in August 2016. The presenter; João Silveirinha, is Banlaw’s Group Engineering & Development Manager. João’s background is innovation in engineering across a range of industries; more recently Energy, Oil & Gas, and Mining. On a day to day basis João is involved in planning around Functional Safety, Machine Safety and Explosive Atmospheres. His team leverage many of the key International Standards that form the guidelines for safe and innovative practices across numerous heavy industries. João is originally from Portugal, and is now based out of Newcastle in Australia.

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2018 High Performing Distributors

We’d like to take this opportunity to recognise a number of high performing Banlaw distributors; companies that have excelled at solving customer problems around refuelling, fluid transfer, overfill protection, and fuel management.

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Safety Update from Banlaw

Banlaw has spent three decades refining the functionality of the refuelling area. We understand the particular challenges you face with scale, speed and harsh environments. We also know how important it is to keep your staff and equipment safe whilst achieving optimum productivity. An example of fuel spills on a mine site causing safety hazards. Afterwards, with Banlaw equipment installed, the leak has been stopped and safety standards have been further improved with a Banlaw dry break nozzle.

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Fortescue Metals Group – Australia

Fortescue Metals Group (FMG) is the world’s fourth largest iron ore producer and is still growing. In FY 2014 FMG mined, railed and shipped 124 million tonnes of iron ore. Fortescue examined several fuel management systems before selecting Banlaw to implement its Enterprise Fuel Management System.

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Top 10 Fuel Issues

Banlaw has spent three decades refining the functionality of the refuelling area. We understand the particular challenges you face with scale, speed and harsh environments. We have outlined the top ten issues our customers come up against with their fuel and hydrocarbon storage, management and use, and how Banlaw can help you to swiftly overcome these issues with tried-and-tested methods and proven cost-effective services.

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