Nozzle Holsters

Banlaw’s durable and reliable nozzle holsters are designed to withstand harsh operating conditions encountered in mining and other heavy-duty refuelling applications. Holsters are available suit our 800 or 1000 series nozzles in fixed stand or service truck versions.

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How Banlaw has helped Indonesia’s premier coal mine

International Mining magazine visited the Kaltim Prima Coal mining complex in Indonesia in late 2015, to see how such a large operation manages its huge fleet of machines over an extensive area. Kaltim Prima Coal (KPC) is the world’s largest single producer and exporter of thermal coal, as well as largest single coal mining complex in Asia. ‘Back in 2008 the fuel accounting system at KPC was still highly manual, yet local teams were expected to manage inwards deliveries of some 3 million litres of diesel, which were arriving by barge every couple of days. This product was being hauled 16 km by tanker trucks and pipeline to the ROM storage area. From the ROM area, the diesel was used to fill haul trucks and large service trucks which would operate at refuelling locations within the pit. Pretty much everything was hand written, while contractors on the site also had to acquire the fuel they needed via a paper-based system. These factors caused significant difficulty in terms of reconciling around 1.6 million litres per day.

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Remote Tank Breather

Our Remote Tank Breather prevents damaging airborne contaminants from entering fuel tanks and other fluid storages. It is unique in that it vents at 1,000lpm, and also filters incoming air at 1,000lpm (35.3cfm of air).

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Fuel Management System Software

Banlaw ResTrackTM RMS is our fuel management system software. It coordinates all access, storage, and movement of fluid assets. ResTrack RMS is an enterprise-class software suite, that puts you in control of your liquid resources. ResTrack can be deployed as a vendor-managed online fuel management system, or customers can choose to install it on the company’s own network instead.

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Fuel Management Systems

A Fuel Management System is a combination of hardware and software products, that together enable security, access, and control of fuel stores, whilst monitoring delivery and consumption. Banlaw fuel management systems are for companies that need increased accuracy, accountability, security or productivity from their fluid assets. It is normal for our fuel management customers to achieve fluid reconciliation rates in excess of 99.5%.

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