Banlaw provides high performing, innovative equipment and fuel management solutions. We help rail companies improve their productivity by reducing fuel loss, reducing fuel contamination and delivering more efficient and safer refuelling. Our heritage is in fuel management but our expertise has extended to hydrocarbons in general and management of other liquids: we can provide you with software, hardware and services to optimise the storage, safe handling and use of fuels, oils, coolants, grease and more.

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Dry Break Nozzles

The Banlaw Dry Break Nozzle is repairable, not disposable. They are robust and last considerably longer in the field. Supported by accredited repairers around the globe, Banlaw nozzles cost less in the long run.

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Community & Environment

Banlaw is a respected corporate citizen and lends its support to a number of community based organisations and initiatives which assist in improving the quality of life for the community.

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Fuelling Rio’s Bauxite Expansion

The Amrun Project is to produce some 22.8mtpa of Bauxite for the local production of Aluminium, as well as direct export to markets north of Australia. US$1.9b is being spent to expand production from one of the world’s premier Bauxite deposits, which has the potential for expansion to around 50mtpa. Banlaw’s involvement is the design, engineering, and supply of two fuel facilities.

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How to minimise total cost of ownership – Maintenance and more

Here at Banlaw, we’re all about helping companies improve their productivity by reducing fluid loss, reducing fluid contamination, and delivering more efficient and safer resource management processes. With Banlaw products sold in 33 countries, we need a system for supporting customers that includes local knowledge, local language, and is flexible to a range of Maintenance Management Systems. It is critical to us that users of Banlaw hardware have access to the right product, knowledge, and skills to keep their equipment up and running.

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Banlaw receives HSE Innovation Award from major miner

Banlaw service teams have recently been recognised by a large global mining client for reducing the risk associated with the manual handling of fluid calibration equipment. Flow calibration is a critical activity for companies that need an accurate fuel management system to account for fuel usage in their operation. Calibration Meters are known to be bulky, awkward, and heavy. Moving Calibration Meters from job to job and correctly positioning them on site carries a significant risk of staff injury. As part of Banlaw’s continuous improvement approach to onsite Hydrocarbon processes; this situation was recognised as an opportunity to improve. Banlaw teams analysed the risk profile, then designed and fabricated a new Calibration Rig solution.

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Predictive and Preventative Maintenance

The following is an excerpt from the Austmine webinar ‘Predictive Maintenance and Life of Asset’, which was aired to Australian Mining, Equipment, Technology, and Services organisations (METS) in August 2016. The presenter; João Silveirinha, is Banlaw’s Group Engineering & Development Manager. João’s background is innovation in engineering across a range of industries; more recently Energy, Oil & Gas, and Mining. On a day to day basis João is involved in planning around Functional Safety, Machine Safety and Explosive Atmospheres. His team leverage many of the key International Standards that form the guidelines for safe and innovative practices across numerous heavy industries. João is originally from Portugal, and is now based out of Newcastle in Australia.

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